Travel To Every Corner of Jongno Area by Bus!

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Jongno, an exciting place full of destinations to visit!

Hard to travel to corners where the subway doesn't reach? Too large to walk around?
Then, why don't you just get on an adorable community-based bus in green color, "Jongno Maeul bus"?

Find the most popular routes arranged with lots of hot places!









Jongno 02 (종로 02)










This route shuttles through Bukchon Hanok Village and circles around Insa-dong.

Wherever you get off, main tour spots will be close to you.

This bus especially makes travellers easily access to Bukchon Hanok Village from Jonggak Station.









Places to go/ Bus stops




▶ Bukchon Hanok Village : Hanok Village that keeps the history of Seoul within.

▶ Samcheong-dong : Exotic streets lined with small and lovely cafes and shops, and Korean traditional houses.

*Bus Stop : 01833, 01556 Bukchon Hanok Village (북촌한옥마을)


▶ Nagwon Instrument Arcade : The greatest musical instrument market in Korea.

▶ Jongmyo Shrine : UNESCO-listed shrines for the Kings and Queens of the Joseon Dynasty.

*Bus Stop : 01589 Nagwon Instrument Arcade (낙원상가)


▶ Avenue of Youth : places to eat! Places to drink! Places to shop! They are all possible in one place.

*Bus Stop : 01596 KUMKANG (금강제화), 01683 Jonggak YMCA (종각역YMCA)


▶ Insa-dong : the street of culture and romance with lots of traditional art products.

*Bus Stop : 01589 Nagwon Instrument Arcade (낙원상가), 01596 KUMKANG (금강제화), 01890 Seoul Jongno Police Station (종로경찰서)


▶ Jogye Temple : the main place for Korean Buddhism, temple located in Jongno.

*Bus Stop : 01889 Jogye Temple (조계사)


▶ Changdeokgung Palace : Old palaces from the Joseon Dynasty period standing in harmony with nature.

*Bus Stop : 01576 Anguk Station (안국역)










Jongno 03 (종로 03)








This route is suitable for the travellers who are interested in shopping the most.

It passes through Dongmyo, Dongdaemun Gate, Jongno, and even nearby place from Daehak-ro.

you can choose this route when you are going to Naksan Park from Jongno, Dongdaemun Gate, or Dongmyo.









Places to go/ Bus stops




Naksan Park : Park near the fortress, where the best night view is guaranteed

Bus Stop : 01506 Naksan Park (낙산공원), 08943 Naksan three-way intersection (낙산삼거리)


▶ Dongmyo Flea Market : Professional plea market where used clothes, and antique goods are sold

* Bus Stop : 01595, 01818 Dongmyo Station (동묘역)


▶ Dongdaemun Market : shopping specialized district, open for 24 hours

▶ Seoul city Wall : Beautiful trails with a nice view of Seoul city along the castle wall.

▶ Dongdaemun Design Plaza(DDP) : Dongdaemun Gate's landmark, exhibition hall and rest area, and all kinds of shops.

* Bus Stop : 01811, 01682 Dongdaemun Station (동대문역), 01702 Dongdaemun Market (동대문 종합시장)


▶ Daehak-ro : major place for artistic performances such as the play, the musical, and others.

* Bus Stop : 01797 Daehak-ro entrance (대학로입구)






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